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HDM/BBC!Sherlock recs

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Mar. 25th, 2012 | 07:40 pm
posted by: blislife in hdm_221b

I thought I'd rec some HDM/BBC!Sherlock fics I've found on the kinkmeme.

Asteroidea Series
Summary: In the pocket of his trousers, next to his phone, Mycroft carries the standard-issue steel capsule meant for protecting arthropod daemons. When people ask about it, he smiles and tells them she's not fond of the light, or of people other than himself. This is a lie.
Highly Intelligent, Observant, and Destructive When Bored (Sherlock/John)
Feels Like Drowning (Sherlock/John/Mycroft)

Sharper Edges Short fill
Summary: Moriarty and his daemon.
Sharper Edges

For Dust Thou Art WIP Series
Summary: Sherlock may be a freak, but his dæmon gives a whole new meaning to the word.
Dost Thou Art Sherlock/John

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